6 ways to sell online to be popular

techniques to sell online to be popular Use simple principles of marketing. Which, when applied to online sales, will be as follows

1. wrong choice life change Selection of products that buyers do not want or no purchasing power No matter how good the promotion is, no one wants it. On the other hand, if it is a trending product, including product required It has a chance to sell online to make it higher.

2. Set the price to be competitive. An important pricing rule is to attract customers to buy and not refuse to buy with us. Or if you want to set a higher price, there must be a reason for customers to buy with us, such as branded products, better quality, better quality products, better suited to life or more attractive to buy than others.

3. Understand the market of each app+ Fast delivery Each online selling platform has different customer characteristics. (compare images such as In-store and market are very different.) Selling online to be great must meet the needs of the app. including fast delivery Ready to ship can help increase the chances of selling online to be popular.

4. Attractive promotions. A lot of times we often see 50% off or 1 get 1 free items that are interesting and we would love to buy them. It is human nature to use emotion in making purchase decisions. An attractive promotion can also be a great way to sell things online. But of course, we also have to organize promotions for us to still be profitable.

5. User Reviews build confidence There was a case study where a product’s sales increased dramatically after being given an honest review. and reliable Of course, the buyer who did not see the real product. Seeing user reviews will give you peace of mind. And believe in ordering products.

6. Make customers find us. As long as our products are good How big is the promotion? But if no one sees our product post, it won’t sell. Therefore, product promotion is important. especially to meet the target group Which may start from shooting online ads first