How to create content to drive sales to get new customers

Content is the heart of online marketing that has it all. Because it is like a communication tool that the business uses as a medium to talk to the audience. which is the target audience or customers So what kind of image will the brand have? How do you stand? How much are customers interested? It’s the content that defines

everything. For this reason, content making is a specialized science that requires knowledge and understanding of how to do it. Must have experience must be creative And enough techniques to create content that meets the needs of

what is Content?

Content means content. In terms of content marketing, content is a message, information, or story that a brand tells to its customers in order to achieve their marketing goals. whether to create awareness boost sales Change the image, etc.

How is content creation different from advertising in the old era?

The answer is that today’s content creation is like building a brand identity. Because it’s not just about making content and releasing it. But it’s about creating awareness. credibility laying the foundation of identity or brand image for customers to know Who we are, what we want, where we stand Nowadays this is very important to a variety of

business organizations. Try to create content or content that meets their business goals.

The content that we often see on the internet ranges from videos, images, audio, and written articles or captions on social media. important It will be created from the study of the target audience. Gather various statistics, survey the needs or behavior of

customers. Then filter it out into well-designed content. To take advantage of the purpose of the business itself.

Types of Content

The categorization of content can be divided into many categories depending on what criteria we use to measure, but if we use “communication goals” that It’s the core of marketing as a criterion. We will be able to divide the content into 4 main categories:

1. Content that generates sales or sales promotions (Sale).

This type of content can be seen all over the pages of various businesses or brands. It can be said that if doing business, we will not be able to miss this type of content. This type of content comes in the form of promotional offers, discounts or promotions, ranging from direct, non-inflecting content that provides information about a product,

service, condition, price, or content that motivates people to read. want to buy want to use Persuade consumers to find new customers through promotional promotions, etc.

Creating this type of content is not difficult. Because it’s specific content, it doesn’t need to add or add much, it can be created and used at all. But the point that needs special attention is The clarity and accuracy of the content requires constant verification of prices, information or conditions. Because the function of this type of content is

communication for sales. If there is any wrong information Not updating current promotions Conditions for purchase or use of services have been omitted. It may affect the brand more than you think.

Another important thing is that making this type of content requires careful strategy. Because if there is content that focuses on sales too much, the brand will lose interest. There are no attractive features. Therefore, promotional content should be alternated with other types of content in order to be most effective.

2. Knowledge content (Information)

This type of content usually comes in the form of articles. Video clips for sharing knowledge, sharing techniques, or how to, which can be seen a lot on the Internet, regardless of content. Creating educational content is often part of today’s popular digital marketing efforts. because it is easy to produce content effective long term Help

in the matter of creating an image to create awareness. Expressing the brand’s standing All of this will make it easier for brands to find customers. Because the target audience has a positive brand perspective.

The educational content will have different dimensions of work and content. It depends on the creator or brand that it was created for. Sometimes the knowledge contained in the content can be part of online marketing aimed at selling hidden services.

Sometimes it can be knowledge sharing content that aims to create a higher professional image of the brand, for example.

But keep in mind that creating educational content. Must be based on accuracy is important. You have to know, really understand. The information to be written must be a set of knowledge or information that has been validated only. Because if you create

educational content based on misinformation, it can hurt your business more than you think.

3. Entertainment content

Nowadays, we always see this kind of content online, regardless of platform. Entertainment content is created to meet the changing media needs of the times. Some of them are made to create real fun and laughter. Some are created to enhance the

promotion of branded products and services. Consumers will especially love this type of content. Due to its easy accessibility and uncomplicated content.

which is currently the most popular form of entertainment content It is inevitable that short-length video clips are available on famous platforms such as Youtube, Facebook or Tiktok because people who surf the Internet will like something simple, fun, not complicated, creating content that meets the lifestyle of a large number of consumers.

It is good for doing business. Regardless of whether the content comes in the form of writings, images, or video clips. Therefore, if creating content for entertainment is well designed. It will be able to have a greater impact on publicity than other types of content combined.

4. Trending content

It is common for us to see trending content online on many business brand pages. Because nowadays various trends in the online world are circulating and changing rapidly. Many things became a trend overnight. But after another week, it disappeared as if nothing had happened. Therefore, trending content is like following the trend at

that time, allowing the business or brand to attract the attention of consumers to create a guideline for the next step. to call engagement from the target audience in the past Create content that can be passed on to other promotional promotions or create attention-grabbing content to attract new customers, etc.