How to find customers in the post-Covid-19 era.

Keep an eye on 3 trends in online marketing that are hot.

It is believed that after the Covid-19 epidemic has passed, the daily life of people in society must change more or less. That’s why it’s important to do business to change accordingly. It can be seen that in today’s era, new trends in online marketing are emerging all the time. The reason is to create consistency with changing behavior and habits in the New Normal of consumers.

So today, I would like to volunteer to take all entrepreneurs to explore interesting online marketing trends at present. that there is something suitable to lead the business if you are ready Let’s get started!

Easy to buy, easy to pay, close deals in one click!

Due to social distancing measures to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus Consumer behavior has changed from the past like never before. They are more popular to order products via the Internet. Reduce cash and turn to pay through Mobile Banking applications until online transactions become the foundation of normal life for people in society. Even the crisis that we are facing will pass. But it is likely

that The trend of internet trading and applications will continue to live in society. until it may become a new way of life or the New Normal of today’s society

There are many channels that consumers use to buy and do online transactions, such as 

  • Social Commerce

    selling products or services through social media directly, where the entire trading process takes place on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Line, etc.) from finding customers, finding products, finding comparisons. Until the end of the deal, agree to trade It all happens through the chat of the customer that connects to the business. Currently, many social media platforms There is a work system that is

ready to support more activities here. In order to use it to be smooth and uninterrupted for both customers and business owners. Buyers can buy the products they want with just a few clicks. The seller can create a storefront. Create ads to find new customers at any time. This is an important step in combining technology with people’s new lifestyles as well.

• Food Delivery

Another convenience that everyone can access. That is, ordering food through a transport application. that just have a smartphone, can order and receive food from home Which applications that we know and are familiar with are Lineman, Grab or Foodpanda, etc., where food ordering through this type of online application is very

popular nowadays. With the fact that trading is convenient and fast, there is no need to be patient in waiting in line. It’s also safe. Don’t have to risk going out to find a disease that is spreading. In line with the measures to maintain a distance from the authorities. It makes the trend of online food ordering to be strong, the trend is not falling.

It can be seen that all of the above mentioned online trading. Often have a distinctive point that is easily accessible. It is convenient and fast in every process of using the service. You can order and receive products right from your home. Every online transaction can be completed in just a few clicks. Consumer behavior begins to demand

Ease and convenience is the location, so if any brand can adapt to meet this behavior of consumers. It will be able to find new customers all the time, which is good for doing business in the long run. It is another interesting online marketing trend nowadays.

  1. Captivate consumers with Video Marketing It is

    undeniable that every time we open social media or surf the Internet. Video content is a must-have item for us to see everywhere and on any platform. This is due to the behavior of most consumers who prefer to “watch more than read” and that video content is easy to digest, easy to access, uncomplicated, does

not require a lot of reading or interpretation. understand the substance immediately This makes this type of content begin to appear more and more nowadays.

If you look at it in terms of online marketing, Video Marketing is another important tool that makes doing business easier. Both in terms of creating Brand Awareness, doing various campaigns to achieve the purpose of doing business. or public relations, promotions, promotions, etc.

especially on social media Video content has always attracted the attention of consumers, no matter what the content. This is evident from the advent of the hot new social media like Tiktok, a short video platform that keeps gaining popularity among users, or a popular platform like Facebook that can use Live Video to generate more engagement. 79% of other types of video content production (according to

financesonline), where video content on social media has a huge impact on performance. Therefore, if we choose to use it correctly, it can benefit the business as well. Regardless of the goal of acquiring customers or whatever.

In conclusion, the arrival of Video Marketing has changed the way of creating content to have a more functional dimension. Campaigns or marketing plans have therefore been expanded to have a broader scope of work and greater quality, in line with the changing media habits of consumers. who is popular to consume content through the

use of smartphones or computers primarily as well Therefore, for entrepreneurs who do business, video marketing is another marketing trend that is worth watching until it cannot be overlooked.

  1. Interact with Customers with Interactive Content The

    number of internet users has skyrocketed after the epidemic of COVID-19 last year. The reason is because people can’t go out and do activities like before. As a result, the online world has become the only place where people can still do activities without

leaving their homes. Many media on the Internet are therefore adapted to the changing consumer behavior.

That includes Interactive Content, a new type of content created to bridge the gap between brands and customers closer together. This makes it easy and efficient to build a customer base or find new customers. Interactive content will come in the form of content that is tangible and communicative, which is a great motivator that brands

open up to opportunities. Let customers be approached through creative content. which has content since Content that motivates people to express their opinions. or open voting content in the form of questions that brands may want to collect opinions from

consumers. To develop the business or other strategies in the future, it is considered to create content that takes advantage of social media to be worthwhile.

But even interactive content can create a better engagement impact than other types of content. But that doesn’t mean it’s always going to be content that produces positive results. because if there is a lack of careful analysis of the consequences This type of content can have a negative impact on your brand or business. This is because people

are always interested in Interactive Content, and it often comes in the form of personal opinions where no one can predict where it will go. This has become an important factor that makes the brand. Strategies for creating Interactive Content as best as possible

from all of the above It can be seen that doing business in the post-Covid-19 era, the most important thing every entrepreneur should pay attention to first is flexibility because many things in our daily life are changing like never before. before Doing business or doing Online Marketing must be ready to adapt to keep up with consumers.

If you don’t dare to change Do not dare to adjust the strategy according to the era Your business is at risk of being left behind. until it is difficult to recover again