Knowing before has an advantage! Get to know E-Commerce

Marketing Tools Today, the E-Commerce market has many marketing tools to choose from. Today we’re going to get to know the best tools out there right now.
Analytics tools (Analytics)

1.Google Analytics : For businesses that have their own website, there is nothing better than Google Analytics.

If you have a website and you care about its performance. You should sign up for Google Analytics and install it on your website. Once installed, Google Analytics can detect data and behavior of people who visit your website.

2.Metrillo: A new analytics tool designed to be easy to install and use. The software comes with the ability to analyze and segment your customers. To be able to send emails to contact with targeted customers.

1.CrazyEgg Optimizer : A tool to analyze your website. By recording the actions of people who visit the website It has the ability to detect mouse movements and user behavior. CrazyEgg shows you how visitors use your website and where they click.

2.Hotjar: Another. A selection of web analytics tools to record the actions of your visitors to your website. Maybe a bit less functionality than CrazyEgg in exchange for more ease of use. It can store behavior on the screen very well, but in terms of analytics may not be very detailed.

social media tools

1.Hootsuite: A social media management tool to help you plan and track your social media content ahead of time. Freedom of planning, suitable for small companies. However, this tool doesn’t connect directly to Facebook, but instead uses a shortened link method in conjunction with Owly

2.Mention: a tool that checks how much mention of your brand on social media. It also allows you to respond to actions taken on social media. It helps you find the influencer that meets your needs and also provides you with a summary of the results.

Ad Management Tool

1.SEMRush : It is a combination of SEO and ad management tool with attractive competitor analysis features. However, this tool is a bit pricey, making it suitable for medium-sized businesses onwards.

2.Wordstream: A platform that helps you stay on top of CPC and CPA campaign tracking, reduces the time you spend managing online ads and is a way to optimize campaigns.

Re-marketing Management Tool

1.Google Adwords Re-marketing: AdWords will allow you to use the Re-marketing function on your Premium Adwords account. You will be able to segment who has viewed your ad and submitted it. New easily targeted

2.Referral Candy: Customer-reward system. That allows you to segment customers and rewards. Each customer who comes to your website receives a personalized referral link that rewards you for referring you to a friend.