What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is the process of attracting and converting people into potential customers through various marketing strategies and methods. If so, explain how easy it is to create Lead process because

of its importance is. The better the lead generation process we have. We will only get a list of people who are ready for our sales.

Lead Generation is in the second stage of the Inbound Marketing principle, that is, the Convert stage or the stage of Turning visitors into prospects After we have attracted attention from him in Stage 1 (Attract).

And it can be seen that lead generation is a stage before Close (creating good interactions with prospects to close sales) and Delight (impressing customers for word of mouth). The lead you get from Lead Generation also affects the number of potential customers who will go through the next stage as well.

Components of Lead Generation Process

For lead retention, there are 4 main components to do.

1. Offer – Special Offers

What is responsible for attracting our target audience to lead collection process. This must be something that can provide value to the target audience. For example, E-book, discount coupons, templates, free access to services, sample receipts, etc.
This special offer can be published or promoted in a variety of channels such as Social Media, Email or Blog

2. Call-to-Action – something that drives action.

Text or button that clearly indicates the action. To motivate that audience, do what you need to receive the offer, such as an invite to download. Message inviting to receive a coupon subscribe button or download button

3. Landing Page – website page

A page on a website that allows people to come in for a certain purpose. They are often linked to special offers (such as an e-book download page or a free signup page), so this page is essential to detailing the offer. And how to receive those offers.

4. Form – a form for collecting information.

A form for our audience to fill out in exchange for those special offers. You need to choose what information they need to provide you in order to receive those offers. We should choose to ask for information that can clearly identify his identity.

Lead Generation Process Example : Our target audience may see our Offer from Facebook channels, which are invited by the CTA to download. He then clicked into the Landing Page to read the details of that offer before filling out the form to receive an offer.

Note: Sometimes we may not need to create a Landing Page for that Offer, for example, if we use Lead. Ads on Facebook that our target audience can fill out and take action via Facebook, or in the case that we put Form and CTA on the blog page so that the audience who reads the article can proceed to receive the Offer.

In addition Today, there are many platforms that offer the ability to lead generation in a variety of ways. That will make the components of the lead generation process different.