Which country did the first casino get popular from?

by the beginning There is an assumption that Gambling games or gambling games originated in the early 19th century on the European side. which has been gathered in the entertainment Including various popular attractions and later gambling games have been released to the United States. and still get attention and the popularity of the masses of the population as ever shortly after Different types of gambling games have been spread to other countries as well, so many countries have begun to

open a large number of casinos. and has been very popular Especially the casino on the island of Macau, where there are gamblers from many countries. They traveled across the water to cross the sea to place bets. There are also many gambling centers in many countries that are equally popular. Thus, in that era, there were a large number of casinos. almost every country that has it all

Can casinos in Thailand openly place bets?

Currently in Thailand there is not even a single legal casino. because there is no legal support but in the past Thailand used to have legal gambling as well. which opened during the reign of King Rama 2, but later during the reign of King Rama 5, it was seen that the people were too addicted to gambling Therefore, it was canceled from 403 sub-districts, leaving only 9 sub-

districts with legal casinos. However, in the reign of King Rama 6, all casinos were closed all over the country permanently on April 1, 1917.

The closure of the casino in the reign of King Rama VI has continued until the present. However, there are still quite a few smugglings open sources to bet on. And with the reason that gambling in Thailand is illegal. Therefore, the gambler in our home Knowledge and understanding of gambling is lagging behind many other countries, making it unable to attract foreigners.

Turned to pay attention to casinos in Thailand how much. There are only Thai gamblers. which led to a continuous flow of travel to place bets in various countries and at present There has been a leap forward in the development of technology. Therefore, all gamblers There is no longer any need to travel across seas to place bets in different countries, just have a device that can connect to the internet. whether it is a computer, a mobile phone, a smart phone or other devices can join bets

anywhere, anytime, as needed. hence This has resulted in the popularity of betting in online casinos in Thailand. The rate is increasing every year.